MGGA Monthly Crop Survey


DECEMBER 5, 2023

Carter County - Michael Hansen
Started November by wearing calves. Which was great, they all weighed good, averaged over six hundred pounds. Preg checked the cows as well and that was even better, averaged 3 percent open which is absolutely phenomenal. So the feed lot is full and they are doing great. Didn’t get much moisture in November and has been quite windy. Started hauling durum to the elevator, between cow working days and the elevator being full, haven't gotten very far. Went to the convention the end of the month and I think Boyd and the office girls did a wonderful job moving it to the fairgrounds. Had to leave early and be to a bull sale to restock the battery and that was an expensive day. Come home and moved drill to the neighbor's to dormant seed a thousand acres of grass. Moisture conditions are fair receiving no precipitation in the last month. Crops to be grown in the 2024 season are winter wheat, barley, durum, canola, mustard, garbanzos, hay and sorghum. Winter wheat is in the 3-leaf growth stage.


Cascade County - Steve Sheffels
The winter wheat looks great so far. We got all of our summer fallow sprayed back in October, but everything has gone dormant so right now it looks like I'm a good farmer. It looks like fertilizer prices are about as low as they are going to go, so we're going to apply our top dress in the next couple of weeks. With the excellent service from our fertilizer provider at this time of year, we can go as fast as we can to get it done. Not today though, winds were 30 mph gusting to 50 mph this morning. The forecast looks better for the rest of the week, so maybe we'll get something done. Moisture conditions are excellent, September through November rainfall is 1.5" above average at 4.5". Crops to be grown in the 2024 season are winter wheat, barley and peas. Winter wheat is in the 3-leaf growth stage.

Fergus County - Robert Bold
Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! Hunting season is over! And we can get our privacy back. We have a lot to be thankful for. A good crop in '23. Our health. I see wheat prices are above $6--just barley. 3--4 years ago they were $4.50. But we have grain to haul this year. Have not gotten anything hedged yet for '24. Bugs me. The elevators have my price objective sticky notes on the bottom of their computer screens. Had a good time at the MGGA 2023 Crop Classic in Great Falls. More commonly known as the Montana Grain Growers Annual Convention. And what a classy convention it was!! My hat is off to Boyd Heilig for the convention he was responsible for. It is always the Vice President's responsibility to put on the Convention. Boyd, after you finish your 2 more years going through the chairs, you need to show the world your convention organizing talent. Maybe an off season business? It would be close to having a cow herd.  Good job Boyd!! You really know how to set the bar. I was honored along with 20 other MGGA past presidents. What an honor it was for me. And what an honor it was to be able to be the 1996-97 president. What an honor for me to be in the shadows of the 20 other past presidents present, those not present and those who have gone to the great wheat field in the sky. Thank you MGGA! I would encourage everyone to take part in this industry and this great association. I can honestly say I brought home much more than I gave. Annette & I and our family wish everyone a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. See you all next year. Moisture conditions are good, not much received in late November. Had 10 or 12 inches of snow early November. It all went in. We now have 20 to 24 inches of profile moisture in our stubble and even more in the fallow. Crops to be grown in the 2024 season are winter wheat, spring wheat and barley. Winter wheat is in the 3-leaf growth stage.

Fergus County - Boyd Heilig
November was a very good month when it comes to weather. The later seeded winter wheat added some good growth and is set up for the winter. Been busy hauling spring wheat to the elevator here in Moore. Descent lines, but the flow has been good. One of the big ground piles was picked up. Was very happy and surprised that we have had such a nice rally in the wheat markets as of late. It all started on that Tuesday of convention. Hope it keeps it up. Moisture conditions are good receiving 1.5" of precipitation in the past month. Crops to be grown in the 2024 season are winter wheat, spring wheat, barley and durum. Winter wheat is in the 3-leaf growth stage.