Hedge to Arrive Contracts

In recent years HTA contracts have grown to a multi-billion dollar business in Montana's grain trade. We hope the special series of information presented here will help you become more familiar with the mechanics and management of HTA contracts, so that you can add them to your toolbox of marketing strategies.

An integral part of this HTA Series is answering questions from producers like you. We have organized a group of knowledgeable players in the grain trade who have provided accurate, easy-to-understand answers to your questions. 

Special thanks to our HTA Series contributors: 

  • Brett Wilson, CHS in Shelby
  • Dan Treinen, Columbia Grain in Great Falls
  • Byron Grassman, Mountain View Co-op in Dutton
  • Mark Dreesen, Harvest States in Circle
  • Lola Raska, producer near Great Falls and MGGA Executive Vice President